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Oh my god you guys, I have totally become obsessed with The Originals with the last couple of episodes. And certain happenings on TVD have really reignited my interest in that show as well (even if Elena/Damon still makes me roll my eyes).

HOLY CRAP THAT KLAUS AND CAROLINE SEX I LITERALLY CANNOT EVEN DEAL. AHHHHHHH. The weird thing is that I wasn't even that shippy for those two when Klaus was on TVD. I was like, wow, Klaus, nice horse drawings you loser. And Klaus is still kind of a loser who cries when people are mean to him on TO, but I kind of like him more? And I actually LOVE the way that they interacted in this episode. The thing that makes Klaus/Caroline different from your typical "dark brooding vampire in love with sunny bright girl who can save his troubled soul" is how self-aware Caroline is. She's not deluding herself about anything, she's just attracted to him and tired of trying to ignore it for The Greater Good. I also think they could be AMAZING together. Like, I love how Caroline refuses to put up with his bullshit or self-pity, and I think, much more than his siblings, she would have the ability to get him to stop acting like an idiot, because Caroline has the self-respect that Elijah is dearly missing, in that she will not put up with Klaus' bullshit indefinitely. I JUST REALLY WANT HIM TO MAKE CAROLINE THE QUEEN OF NEW ORLEANS AND HAVE HER GET TO WEAR FANCY DRESSES AND BE AMAZING AND IT WOULD BE SO GREAT.

Also, so much Stefan and Caroline friendship in these past few episodes it is killing me! That's easily my favorite thing about TVD these days. Caroline's awesomeness, Stefan's classiness - two great tastes that taste great together. Speaking of Stefan's classiness, his defending Katherine when everyone else was being assholes about her (especially hypocritical coming from Damon, who has ruined more than a few lives in his day), and also PUNCHING TYLER YES. And then being a super sweet amazing friend to Caroline afterward and being like, yeah, I just slept with Katherine like two days ago so I understand the allure of hot evil people whose names start with K. I knew Tyler was going to be a huge dbag when he found out about Klaus, so I was glad Stefan was there to punch him, because Caroline's got a little too much internalized self-hatred going on to do that (yet, hopefully).

I actually kind of wished they would've killed off Katherine, even though I adore her. That was a surprisingly lovely and good episode that would've been a fitting send-off. Oh well.

Loved all the old familiar faces in the 100th episode too. Ric!

Okay, now onto The Originals. Is it just me, or is this show actually kind of getting good? The primary issue with the show is that the Originals are so powerful that it's hard to come up with a compelling villain to believably threaten them. Celeste is really working as a Big Bad for me! Her power is legit - she's super powerful herself and has a super-powered ....knife thing. Also she has the personal connection to Elijah which makes me wanna go back and rewatch all their scenes together. So far, season one has been pretty solid (except for the pilot, which was terrible).

Also, I'm really loving the new cast members on the show. Cami, Davina (who can't REALLY be dead, right?), Hayley, Marcel. I was worried I would only care about the Originals and be bored by the new cast members, but I'm loving them too. Also, Elijah/Hayley, holy crapping UST my heart cannot take many more heated looks between them.

REBEKAH. I LOVE REBEKAH SO MUCH. I always felt like she didn't get the writing she deserved on TVD, but I've been adoring her this season, especially calling out Elijah on always caring so much about Klaus's happiness and not about hers.

Also, can I say that I weirdly love how while everyone else calls Klaus Klaus, Rebekah almost always calls him Nik and Elijah always calls him Niklaus. It just speaks of a familiarity and closeness that, even when they're furious with him, they still use their own names for him, not the big bad Original Vampire Klaus. OT3 forever! Even if I fully support Rebekah's efforts to get herself free from her psycho brother. I feel like those two things are contradictory. Unfortunately I think the show has not quite figured it out either. I don't think this show would be enjoyable if Rebekah and Klaus truly and openly became enemies (they couldn't sustain that over a long period because like... how does that end? they can't kill one of their main three - Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah are the Damon, Stefan, and Elena of this show), so I am hoping the show can come up with some way for them to mend fences without Rebekah giving into Klaus's control again.

I was so in love with the LADIES GET EVEN theme that lasted for like ten minutes, when Rebekah and Davina and Cami all banded together to ruin Klaus. IT WAS SO GREAT. I love that Davina was the one to free Cami from Klaus's compulsions, that Cami is so protective of her. IT'S GREAT LADY STUFF.

On a somewhat related note, I love how often the word "daggered" is used on this show because it makes me think of Jean-Ralphio saying to Donna, "I dagger you on the dance floor."

Between these two shows and Teen Wolf seemingly back on track and much more enjoyable this season(b), I am very happy to have my teen supernatural shows back to being enjoyable instead of painful to watch.
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