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[ profile] mistakency asked me: Your fandom history! How you got into fandom, the best and most terrible fics you've read, your formative experiences, etc.

I got my start in internet fandom on Sheroes Central, a message board run by/inspired by Tamora Pierce and Meg Cabot. I think I started using it because my sister, [ profile] cetacea, who was a huge Tamora Pierce fan, got me to start using it. I would've been in grade school at this point, and in 2003 people started talking about livejournal and giving out invite codes so I got myself one, under the name rhymeswithlungs, from that Buffy quote about what rhymes with lungs, because I was a huuuuge Buffy fan by then but not really involved in fandom at all. I was never really involved in Buffy fandom, for which I am grateful because I think it would've made me bitter about the show. (I changed my name to [ profile] sarkastic when I got a paid account. I think I either didn't know about rename tokens or they didn't have them yet.)

Somehow, I cannot remember why, I started watching Alias, and actually started out as a Syd/Vaughn shipper, but eventually saw the error of my ways and became a diehard Syd/Sark shipper. The first fic that I can really remember reading is [ profile] callherblondie's Complicity. Which I was obsessed with, and I lived for updates of that thing. Alias fandom was where I made some of my longest lasting fandom friends, where I got introduced to fanfic, critiquing the source material - just interacting with media on a deeper, crazier, more interesting level than normal tv-watching. Also where I got introduced to vids and fanart - [ profile] corngirl_jo's amazing vids! Those introduced me to Tom McRae, who I still associate with Alias and Sark specifically.

This was what I like to call my Het Phase, before I had been introduced to the wide world of slash (more on that later, obvi). I was also a pretty intense Harry/Hermione shipper for awhile, which is weird now because I am very strongly Harry&Hermione friendship now, and have no interest in romance there. I remember becoming obsessed with Paradigm of Uncertainty right before leaving on a family roadtrip to South Carolina and being so frustrated that I wouldn't be able to read it for a week. Ah, the days before wireless and tablets. Also, I'm pretty sure that fic is actually ridiculous, but I loved it back then.

So how did I get into slash, you may ask? I must've had some interest in it before this, but the strongest memory I remember is asking [ profile] gabby_silang for Clark/Lex recs. SHE CORRUPTED ME. I remember reading Sleep While I Drive and getting to the sex scene and being like, Oh. Oh, I see now. This was a big moment for little Peggy.

After that, I kind of bounced around from fandom to fandom, usually going where the fic went. Since Alias fandom died out, I've never really been that immersed and intensely involved in creating and consuming for a fandom. Probably my most prominent fandoms would be Harry Potter (HARRY/DRACO LYFE 4EVA!!!), Heroes (Petrellicest! breaking those incest barriers!), Supernatural before the fandom turned into a crazy hellhole of demon people (so like... season one), Veronica Mars (Veronica/Logan!), Football RPF, and now Hockey RPF and (begrudgingly, these days) Teen Wolf.

Some of my all-time favorite fics:
- Drastically Redefining Protocol by rageprufrock (Merlin, Merlin/Arthur) - Oh my god. This fic. ;ldgjfdkgjfkgjfklgj. Pretty much everything I ever wanted from a fic. It's all downhill from here, frankly.
- Omiai by toomuchplor (Smallville, Clark/Lex) - This fic is my happy place.
- Shoebox Project (... like you don't know?) - OBVIOUSLY.
- other things the road to hell is paved with by LuciaZephyr (Dresden Files, John/Marcone) - DEAR GOD THE SLOW BURN. IT BURNS. Also, proudly continuing my tradition of reading fic in fandoms where I have never consumed the source material.
- Chimera by JoeLawson (Dark Angel, Alec/Ames) - Okay, so this is Alec/Ames mpreg, that's a whole lot of wtf there. I used to firmly believe that mpreg could never be anything but cracky and ridiculous, but this fic totally changed my opinion on that. I mean, most mpreg IS cracky and ridiculous, but there can be good ones. Also this is kind of a proto-A/B/O-verse without actually being that, before all the cool kids were doing it.

I won't specifically name any terrible fics I've read, but I have read a lot of them. Just recently I was reading this TERRIBLE mpreg fic in a fandom that shall remain unnamed, and it was so fucked up and had mega consent issues and made NO sense, but I could not stop and kept texting my sister choice quotes from it. And it was like hundreds of thousands of words. I am generally willing to put up with a lot of shit to read fic for rarepairings I like or for kinks that are hard to find in general or hard to find for a particular pairing. I definitely prefer good fic, but sometimes ridiculously insane badfic can be just as good. It's like that quote from Troy on Community: "That sounds terrible. I want to watch it twice."

Also I remember once reading a fic where someone gave themselves a blowjob.

I feel like there is as good a place as anywhere to end this brief fandom history of [ profile] sarkastic.
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