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[ profile] fledmusic asked me about The Good Wife.

TGW is one of the best shows on television right now, and if you took away the cable shows' advantage of having to only produce 13 episodes a season, I think it could be considered THE best show on television right now. It's certainly the best show for women on television right now, in terms of having a wide variety of women who are all fascinating, well-developed, strong, and flawed - and also not defined by their relationships with men, while having interesting and complex relationships with other women. So I guess I've decided to make this post about the women of The Good Wife.

Alicia is so hard to read. Even halfway through the fifth season, I feel like she is so hard to know. She plays things so close to her chest that I'm not sure I believe there is anyone on the show that actually truly knows Alicia, except maybe her brother, who isn't really around enough to have a huge impact, although he seems to be brought out when the show needs to kind of ... force Alicia into showing her hand or to have someone state something about Alicia's feelings that she's unwilling or unable to say. I love Alicia's steely strength. She is so unshakable and reserved that when something makes that exterior break and she cries or yells, it's a huge shock to the audience. I respect the writers for sticking to that consistently for so long. It must be hard to only be able to allow your main character to get really openly emotional so rarely. Of course, JM is such a fantastic actress that she can portray a great depth of emotion very subtly. I know it frustrates some fans (including me, on occasion) how she keeps going back to Peter, but I think that's just the kind of person Alicia is. She doesn't give up easily, she doesn't accept change easily (or she can only take one big change at a time), she is so wary of the possible consequences of her actions. The show never dumbs her down or has her make a decision she would never make for plot or shipping (ugh) reasons. She is a woman with her own particular brand of integrity that somehow persists even as she defends drug dealers and wife-killers.

If Alicia is a mystery, Kalinda is maybe even more of one. Or does Kalinda kind of wear her heart on her sleeve? When it comes to Alicia, she sure does. It's obvious they both care for each other deeply, or Kalinda's affair with Peter pre-knowing Alicia wouldn't have been the nuclear bomb it was. Sadly I think Alicia is extremely straight, so even though I think Kalinda might be IN love with Alicia in addition to loving her as a friend, I don't think it would ever go anywhere. Which is a super sad reading of their relationship, so maybe I will just not think of it that way. (Although I would love to read a really long, slow burn fic that sold me on romantic Alicia/Kalinda. Just putting that out into the world.) Alicia and Kalinda's relationship is actually something that I've been missing hugely this season. I understand the decision to have Kalinda remain with LG, but I'm hoping they find some way to have Alicia and Kalinda (and Cary) reunited somehow soon. Even just to go out for drinks again. Even though Kalinda was hurt by them and she tricked Cary. Ugh. JUST BE FRIENDS AGAIN GUYS. Anyway, I love Kalinda's power to seduce any woman within a few feet of her (except Alicia apparently SADFACE). And her love of baseball bats.

Diane! I have such conflicted feelings about Diane, because I respect her and think she's a badass and fantastic, but I am so firmly on team Alicia and Cary that I can't help but kind of feel a distance from her right now. I LOVE her relationship with Will - it's probably one of the best things on the show. I love that she's a woman over 60 (if she's the same age as CB) who is intelligent, confident, beautiful. I love her feminism and how much bullshit she calls men on.

Okay, since that's just the women, I may have to do The Good Wife pt. 2 for [ profile] mistakency one of these days, talking about the men.
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