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[ profile] ladyoneill asked me for my favorite character on The Originals. Which is tough, because it changes a lot and I actually kind of love most of the characters on this show, which is a nice change from The Vampire Diaries, where I like pretty much two of the characters (Stefan and Caroline, if you're wondering).

Easily the biggest surprise is Hayley. She was so boring on TVD, I just endured her scenes. She seemed to have no point and no real characterization that stuck. But on The Originals? She's awesome. Snarky and fierce and has amazing chemistry with Elijah. There's a lot of potentially gross issues with women-as-baby-incubators in her storyline that I am nervous about someone like Julie Plec dealing with. It's obvious Elijah and Rebekah care for her as a person, and, despite his constant douchiness, I don't think Klaus would ever actually hurt her after the baby was born. She's not showing much yet, and I can never tell how time passes on TVD-verse shows, so I don't know if she'll give birth for May sweeps. But I'm certainly warily interested to see how the show deals with a not pregnant Hayley.

Also Cami is surprisingly great! Calling Klaus on his bullshit (most of the time). Outsmarting Klaus despite his serious magical advantage. I was worried she'd be a Caroline replacement, and in some ways I still think she is, but she's enough of her own person that it works. It'd be super great if Klaus could stop CONSTANTLY ERASING HER MEMORY though. That's always been one of my biggest issue with this universe though - non-consensual memory erasing. IT'S REALLY NOT OKAY, EVERY VAMPIRE IN MYSTIC FALLS. It is not a way to solve problems!

I also still adore all three Originals, even when Klaus is a ridiculous douchebag who gets teary-eyed about ~betrayal~ like every other minute. I wish Rebekah would stop relying on men so much for happiness, but I still love her. And then there's Elijah. So well-dressed, so dryly hilarious, so fantastic. LITERALLY A DREAM MAN. This is an awkward sentence to write, but ... when he ripped all those people's hearts out, I, like Klaus, swooned a little bit.

Also, Davina, who started out a little too teenage girl on the CW for me (which, well....) has become pretty interesting in the last few episodes, and I love her relationship with Josh, who is a much needed queer character in the extremely straight TVD-verse (and CW in general). I like that he kind of has the Dumb Human in Over His Head Role, but he's actually a vampire.

Marcel is charming, but I haven't really super warmed to him yet. I still feel like we don't really know him and his motivations that well.

Okay, so I pretty much just went through every character on the show. Right now my favorite is probably still Elijah, although the women of this show are really great and definitely giving him a run for his money. Talk to me at the end of this season - if the show doesn't turn horrible like TVD did - and maybe my favorite will be Hayley or Cami or Rebekah.
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