Dec. 9th, 2013

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[ profile] katrinaswift asked me about femslash in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Which I was super excited about because I have this crackpot Sansa/Dany theory that I want to share with the world. So, if ASOIAF is loosely based on the Wars of the Roses, then it's fun to think about which characters could correspond to which historical figures. So, with my not super in-depth knowledge of this history, I was reminded very strongly of Sansa when reading about Elizabeth of York. Consummate survivor, connections to all these kings or powerful men. Used as a pawn so much but (hopefully for Sansa) eventually able to kind of gain her own foothold and become secure and ensure her remaining family's survival. [Sidenote: I'm about 98% convinced that Sansa will survive the series. She is the only character that I am pretty sure will outlive 'em all.]

So, if Sansa is Elizabeth, then who is Henry Tudor, her future husband? UM OBVIOUSLY DANY. Exiled heir (although one whose claim is not exactly seen as ironclad) who goes off to a foreign land and builds up an army to ~reclaim his throne~. SO OBVIOUSLY SANSA AND DANY MARRY TO UNIFY THE SOUTH AND THE NORTH. But seriously how awesome would that be? I realize it has no chance of happening, but, damn, I would read that fic so hard.

Femslash in general in ASOIAF, I don't tend to have a lot of feelings on because there is a kind of a lack of non-familial f/f relationships. Which normally I wouldn't be squicked by incest (obviously of the children's adult selves, not at their current ages), but with Starks I actually generally am. Beyond that, most of the main female characters sadly don't interact with each other very much. I'm hoping we'll learn more about the Sand Snakes in TWOW (if it ever comes out), because with Dorne's open-mindedness about, well, everything, that's a good opportunity for some femslash.

Oh, I should say that on the show I've enjoyed Margaery/Sansa, even though I don't trust that Margaery is really as much of a savior to Sansa as she makes out. TRUST NO ONE. CONSTANT VIGILANCE.


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